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Pony Rides

Pony Rides | Pony Parties by Dawn - San Antonio, TX

If your young ones aren’t one of the lucky children who have grown up with ponies and unique pets and animals, then getting to enjoy a pony party that includes pony rides is a fascinating and amazing experience.

Do you remember the years when you were young and how fun it was to go to a zoo and see animals you hadn’t seen before or go to a friend’s farm or ranch and enjoy riding horses? Wasn’t it something that you talked about for days on end? Do you recall the pony rides you went on that left you on cloud nine for months? It’s highly probable that you did.

As a parent planning your child’s birthday party, you may find yourself stuck on what entertainment or activity to choose. Fortunately at Pony Parties by Dawn, we offer a variety of options for your birthday party entertainment. Pony rides, face painting and a petting zoo are a great way to make your child’s very special day a day to remember!

Parents in San Antonio, TX are thrilled with the options that we have, and we are already booked with parties but still have room for more. The ability to hire a pony for your party is great for those who are at wits end as to what to do for this year’s special bash.

Whether you are planning a birthday party or just want to have some fun with the family, we offer pony rentals and pony rides at a very low cost. There is no need to go any further for children’s party entertainment. At Pony Parties by Dawn, you will have all the entertainment and fun you need. Contact us for your next party.

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