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Pony Parties by Dawn is a great company to call if your children like ponies. Our pony parties have become a real hit in San Antonio, TX for both boys and girls. Little girls usually love our friendly pink pony, while boys are happy to ride whatever pony is available. Whether you have party ideas for kids or party ideas for girls, our pony parties will fit right into any child’s celebration.

Whatever the occasion or event, our pony parties could be what is missing in your party planning. When you want to do something new and different, pony parties add a different level of fun and entertainment that your children may otherwise not enjoy. Not every child gets to enjoy unique and special creatures like ponies, miniature cattle and more.

Our pony parties can be a very special and once-in-a-lifetime experience for your little ones. Being around safe and well cared for animals can be a learning experience as well as a happy one. You can be sure that if you choose a pony party for your next children’s party, they will be talking about it for years to come.

We offer a different approach to other companies’ pony parties by offering an inclusive and satisfying experience for all involved. Children will have a great time petting and riding our ponies as adults join in the fun and share their little ones experience with them.

Let us be a part of a special day, adding merriment and fun to an already great occasion!

With our affordable packages and pricing, we are available for pony parties from Sunday to Monday. We also offer educational visits to schools and anyone else wanting to learn more about our beautiful animals. As equine professionals, we know our stuff. Check us out today!

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